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2019 was a turning point year for Richard. After being confined to cruise ships for 18 years, he decided to concentrate on personal projects and explore home-life. It marked a change of direction and speed. In this section Richard explores some of his favourite travel destinations, there's an overview of his performances and the other aspects of his busy life.


In 2012, Richard kept a pictoral journal of his visit to Japan. Click the title to open it as a .pdf.

Creation Worldwide Ltd.

Richard is the Creative Director of this small, perfectly formed, agency based in Bridgend, South Wales. If you need to book an act for any occasion, they're the best.


Facts, figures and fun from Richard's singular life

  • 2001 - 2018

    Richard was a Cruise Director for the majority of his career. He kept his songwriting up throughout this time by writing, recording and performing his 'Song of the cruise'. He reworked a famous song each time adding lyrics and jokes from the cruise's itineraries. These, though formerly available through this website, can still be purchased for most cruises on request through the contact page.
  • 2017

    Richard was involved in a legal action brought by representatives of Kander and Ebb. A production of his musical 'Curtains' was targetted for the action by solicitors who disputed the name. Richard's 'Curtains' was written in 1996 and performed in 2000 by Woodhouse Operatic Society. Kander and Ebb's premiered in 2006. For an out of court settlement Richard agreed to change the name of 'Curtains' to 'Good Grief'.